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Set your Fergus up the way you want with Settings.

2FA Common Errors and Troubleshooting Steps
Two-Factor Authentication F.A.Q
Setting Up Two-Factor Authentication on the Mobile App
Setting Up Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
Setting up Two-Factor Authentication with SMS
Enable Two-Factor Authentication on your Fergus Account
Setting up Two-Factor Authentication with Authy
Why Aren't Clients Receiving Emails?
Formatting your profile picture
Changing your Fergus Password
Creating and Managing Form Templates
Adding Customer Sources
Setup Automatic Job Cleanup
Price Books in Fergus
Uploading Price Books
Adding Suppliers
The Custom Price Book
Creating and Assigning Pricing Tiers
Creating Favourites
Updating the Pricing in Favourites
Uploading your Terms of Trade
Setup your Emails to Send via SMTP
Editing Email & SMS Templates
Automatically Send Reminders for Quotes, Estimates and Site Visits
Automatically Send Invoice Reminders
Adding Supplier Contacts
Custom Uncharged Reasons
Reconciling Fergus Pay deposits in your accounting package
How to Create a Digital Signature
Adding and Managing Users
Contractors in Fergus
Restricting mobile phone usage
Disabling and Replacing Old Users
Tracking time for non-Fergus staff
Tax Calculation Method
Adding and Managing Groups
Adding & Managing Employee/Job Groups
Creating and Managing Checklist Templates
Setting up the Business Overview Report (Xero Only)
Adding/Inviting New User
Optimising Fergus Email Delivery
Using System Tags in Forms
Adding Conditional Logic to Forms
Getting Started with Queensland Certificates
List of AU Certificates Available