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Uploading Price Books
Uploading Price Books

How to upload a price book to your Fergus account

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Watch our Fergus TradeHub video on Importing Price Books or continue reading.

Head over to your Profile icon next to Help (?) button on the far right end of the Navigation bar.

From there, click on ⚙ Settings > Price Books and add your supplier using the ➕ Add Supplier button:

You can enter a supplier's name or create a custom price book such as Xero Items.

Next, drag the price book file from your desktop into the box at the top of the screen.
You can also click the box to find the file on your computer. You can upload .csv and .txt files.

Choose the supplier the price book came from, and then match up the columns in the file preview to the Product Code, Product Name, Cost and Sell values in Fergus:

In this example, you can see we matched up the product code to the first column in the CSV file preview, the product name to the second column, and so on.

Tip: The cost price is usually the lower of the available number columns.

Don't worry if you make a mistake, if things look wrong you can always re-upload the price book at any time.

The optional Additional Search Code value can be set to a column that contains keywords you use to search for products. Anything in this column can be used to search for items, but won't show up when you put an item on an invoice or purchase order.


  • Make sure you save the price book file to your desktop before dragging it into Fergus.

  • If your price book is inside a .zip file, drag it out of the zip onto your desktop, and then drag the file from your desktop into Fergus.

  • If your price book is in another format (such as .xls), you will need to open the file in Excel and click File > Save As and set the Save as type to CSV:

Please note: Most price books get processed within a few minutes, you will receive a notification once your price book has been processed.

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