There are two ways you can add a supplier to your list in Fergus.

Adding new suppliers manually

The first and most direct option is to add them manually. You can do this in โš™ Settings > Price books by using the Add Supplier button in the top left:

Start typing and Fergus will prompt you to enter a supplier name, offering suggestions for the most common suppliers. Don't worry if your supplier isn't listed - you can still import a price book for them.

If the supplier shows a logo on the above screen once added, this means we can import CSV invoices and credits for them in the Supplier Documents Processing screen.

Importing suppliers from your accounting package

The simplest way to add new suppliers is to pull them from your accounting package. Once you have connected your Fergus account to your accounting package, click Import Suppliers in the top right:


From there, you will be presented with a list of suppliers from your accounting package, and you can tick the ones you want before hitting import.

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