Not every Trades business is the same when it comes to time that can't be charged to your customers. Now, you can create paid or unpaid custom uncharged reasons to fit your business.

When to use it

You may want for instance to add a paid uncharged reason for Work Meetings. These will be paid events staff can add to jobs when they are getting briefed.
Another use case for this may be Rework on a job that for various reasons has to be done and can't be charged for.

How to use it


  • Go to βš™ Settings

  • From the left navigation bar choose Time Entries

  • Click the New Reason button

  • In the pop-up give your reason a name and choose if it will be paid or unpaid. This is important as it shows up on the timesheet report.

  • You are now all set, and your reason will be available for selection on the Labour tab of your site visit, and in the Fergus mobile app.

Note: Only Full users with billing permission can create custom uncharged reasons, due the potential financial implications.

Manage Custom Reasons

  • All custom uncharged reasons are available in βš™ Settings > Time Entries

  • In the case that your internal processes on uncharged reasons change, you are able to archive reasons so they will no longer be available for selection.


  • When adding time on a site visit, on the Labour tab you can now select the custom reason you've created

  • Select the duration of uncharged time and hit Save

  • All done


You can see uncharged reasons on the Timesheet reports:

  • Timesheet Overview


Your staff can now use the created Custom reasons on mobile. For adding and archiving custom reasons, you'll need to login to Fergus on the website.

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