Fergus lets you set a user as a contractor which is aimed at users who work irregularly. 

This article will cover how the contractor user type works in Fergus.

When to use it

The contractor user type is billed for each day with activity, so you'll want to set this up for users are only working temporarily or intermittently.

How to use it

When creating a new user, you'll be given the option to set their user type as Contractor. You can also change existing users to Contractors, which will take effect at the start of the next billing cycle.

You can then assign Contractors jobs and custom permissions as you would any other Full user. At the end of each billing cycle, Fergus will tally up the days with user activity and add these costs to the next invoice.

What activity triggers the contractor fee

For a contractor user type, you are charged the contractor fee for days when:

  • The Contractor adds time/materials to a job or changes their profile in any way.

  • Changes are made to the Contractors schedule or profile by someone else.

  • The Contractor has any event scheduled or labour logged.

You won't be billed for any days where none of the above happen and you'll only be charged the Contractor fee once per day at most.


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