Groups in Fergus are a powerful tool for organizing staff and jobs alike.

To Create a group, you will first need to go into the Settings screen and select Manage Groups, found just beneath the + New User button: 

In this pop up, you can add a new group or make changes to the name of an existing group.

Once groups have been added, you can assign a worker to them by going into the worker's details via their name at the bottom left of the settings page and then going into their groups tab:

From there, you can tick all the groups that this staff member is a part of.

Adding Groups to Jobs

Once you have your groups set up, you can assign them to jobs for tracking purposes, either when first creating it:

From the Job Summary Page: 

Or when Assigning the job:

Assigning a group to a site visit also makes it more streamlined when scheduling, as the calendar will filter to staff in the assigned group automatically when using the schedule button above.

Group Reporting

Several reports in Fergus also allow you to filter jobs by the groups assigned to them. This can therefore be used to track and report on the jobs of certain groups, or manage different types of work. 

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