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Setup your Emails to Send via SMTP
Setup your Emails to Send via SMTP

Setup Fergus to be able to send emails via your work or personal email account.

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Note: The links on this page lead to resources located on servers that are not maintained by Fergus or under its control.  Fergus is not responsible for the contents of any such referenced websites or for the availability of access to such websites.


Use Fergus to send emails from an account to get information direct from Fergus to your clients.

When to use it

Setting up your email SMTP settings should be one of the first things set up in your account to ensure communication is uninterrupted from the outset.

How to use it

To get started, go to "Settings", then select "Email" and click "Use custom email settings".

Note: Only Master Admin Users can see these settings.

You can get these settings from the person who set up your work email.

To find these settings, head to the link for your email provider below or search Google for SMTP settings using SMTP and your email provider as key words.

Below are the settings for the most common email providers:

Start by entering the username, this is the email address you want Fergus emails to come from.

Password is the password you use to login to the email address you put in the Username field, in some cases this will be an app specific password generated by your email provider. Host, Port, and SSL/TLS is set based on the info in the links above.

Finally, hit Save SMTP Settings and we'll send you a brief email to test everything is correct.

If something's not right you'll see a message saying "These settings don't seem to be correct". You'll also get a link to the full error message:

Before contacting Fergus Support, have a word with the person who setup your work email and give them the error message.

Whitelist the Fergus Address

Your IT person may need to whitelist our mailer if so, they can use this address:


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