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The Custom Price Book
The Custom Price Book

Record additional Items/Labour on your Quotes, Invoices and Jobs with the Custom Price Book.

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Your Custom Price Book is where you can list the prices for items/services that you do not get from a supplier. For example, travel time and materials made in shop. These are stored in Fergus in a the Custom Price Book for easy access.

When to use it

If you have unique things you charge for outside of your Suppliers Price Book, record these in the Custom Price Book within Fergus.

How to use it

Head over to your Profile icon next to Help (?) button on the far right end of the Navigation bar then click on โš™ Settings.

To create a new product in the Custom Price Book, open "Settings" in Fergus and select "Price Books" from the menu.

Below the drag and drop section for Price Book imports in the Custom Price Book, this is listed above all other Suppliers.

To get started select "Edit Custom Price Book". This opens the Custom Price Book and list of custom items.

  • The Checkbox: allows you to select all items listed for bulk actions

  • The Product Code: is a shortened reference used for quick access, this can follow whatever naming convention makes sense to your team

  • Item Name: is the name you have given to this for identification

  • Cost Price: is what the item costs the business, having a Cost Price will help calculate margins accurately

  • Retail Price: is what you sell the item for

  • Sales Account Type: relates to accounting, label products either Material or Labour Sales Account Types to have them go through to the right Sales Account in your Accounting software.

To create a new item input its details then click "Create". This will add the Item to the Price Book and when you are next adding costs to a job you will be able to search for this Item.

The red 'X' next to existing Items deletes the item.


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