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Adding and Managing Groups
Adding and Managing Groups

Use Groups to track staff and jobs throughout Fergus

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Managing a lot of users can be time-consuming and stressful. If you have teams of people doing similar work Groups can help.

When to use it

Use Groups to track teams such as Plumbing, Drainlaying, and Roofing. Use these same groups to report on site visits and jobs using Fergus's reporting features.

How to use it


Head to your Profile Icon next to Help (?) button then select βš™ Settings > Groups and click the Add New Group button in the top right:

You'll be asked to fill in the details for the group with the option to add Users now (you can choose to add them later):

Once everything looks good, click Save and the new group will appear in the Groups list.

Users who are part of a group will have the group badge show below their details in βš™ Settings > Users:

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