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The Fergus Demo Video Series

This video series will guide you through creating jobs to collecting payments and everything in-between


The homepage in Fergus


Anything relating to your customers


Learn all areas Sites are used in Fergus

Health and Safety

All things Health and Safety in Fergus


Reduce admin time by knowing where your staff and jobs are at all times

Supplier Documents

Manage all material costs effectively with Supplier Documents


Run reports on the business, your staff's timesheets, Invoices and more with reports.

Job Card

Manage all aspects of your jobs in the Job Card.


Set your Fergus up the way you want with Settings.

Pricing and Billing

Manage your level of subscription and add ons with Pricing and Billing.

Integration Centre

Learn what Supplier and Accounting Integrations Fergus supports.

Terms and Privacy

Check Fergus's Terms of Service and regulations.

Mobile App

Learn all aspects of the Fergus mobile app.

Getting Started

Complete the Fergus 60 Min Setup


Check the latest with Fergus.

Fergus Essentials

Guide for Fergus Essentials Plan