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Sync your Fergus invoices for seamless accounting.

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Note: Before you can connect Fergus to MYOB AccountRight Live you must have an existing MYOB AccountRight account and your MYOB username and password handy.


Connecting Fergus to MYOB allows you to sync your invoices, credits, and payments.

This article will walk you through:

  1. Connecting Fergus to MYOB AccountRight Live

  2. Setting MYOB Sales Accounts

  3. FAQ

When to use it:

You’ll want to connect your MYOB AccountRight account to Fergus when you first sign up, this will ensure both systems are aligned and sync’d from the get go.

How to use it:

1. Connecting Fergus to MYOB AccountRight

In Fergus, go to Settings, open the Integration Centre, and click MYOB.

The first thing you need to do is connect Fergus to your MYOB account. Click the blue "Connect to MYOB AccountRight" button to start, this will load the MYOB login screen.

Note: If your browser is using a pop up blocker you will need to allow MYOB, otherwise you won’t be able to see the MYOB login screen.

Signing into MYOB AccountRight:

Sign into your MYOB account using your username and password.

MYOB will ask you to authorise Fergus to access your account.

Now that you've connected your MYOB account, you will need to login to your company file. The company file contains your company data.

If you haven't setup your company file, enter Administrator as the Username and leave Password blank.

2. Setting MYOB Sales Accounts

Now that you're connected, you'll need to specify which accounts Fergus will sync with.

We recommend setting up two accounts in MYOB for Material Sales and Labour Sales. Use the dropdown menus to select which MYOB accounts you use for Purchase Invoices, Supplier Credits, Material Sales, and Labour Sales:

Your new invoices will automatically sync across, and you can import your customers from MYOB by following our article Importing Customers.

3. FAQ

Why haven't payments allocated to older invoices synchronised?

Due to limitations with the MYOB integration, Fergus won't pick up payments allocated to invoices over 6 months old. You'll need to manually assign payments to such invoices in Fergus.

While we would like to extend this period, given the current integration limitations this is the longest period for which we can monitor payments.

Can I import my customer list from MYOB?

Absolutely. Our help article for Importing Customers covers importing from MYOB.

What if I haven't made my company file available online?

You'll need to open the AccountRight desktop application and click File > Go Online:

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