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Sync your Fergus invoices for seamless accounting.

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Note: Before you can connect Fergus to Xero you must have an existing Xero account and have your Xero username and password handy.


Connecting Fergus to Xero allows you to streamline your purchases and sales for seamless accounting.

This article will walk you through:

  1. Connecting Fergus to Xero

  2. Xero Settings

  3. Setting Xero Sales Accounts

  4. Additional Options

When to use it:

You’ll want to connect your Xero account to Fergus when you first sign up, this will ensure both systems are aligned and sync’d from the get go.

How to use it:

1. Connecting Fergus to Xero

In Fergus, go to your Profile icon next to Help (?) button then select Settings.

From there, open the Integration Centre, and click Xero.

The first thing you need to do is connect Fergus to your Xero account. Click the blue "Connect to Xero" button to start, this will load the Xero login screen.

Note: If your browser is using a pop up blocker you will need to allow Xero, otherwise you won’t be able to see the Xero login screen.

Signing in to Xero:

1. Sign in to your Xero account using your Xero username and password. This appears if you are not logged in to another session.

2. Multi-Factor Authentication - Enter the code found in your authenticator app or use another authentication method. This will send a code to your trusted phone number or email. This will also appear if you are not logged in to another session.

3. Xero will then ask you to allow Fergus to access to your Xero account. Without this, Fergus won’t be able to send invoices to Xero. Click "Allow access."

There will be a drop-down if there is more than one organization in Xero account.

Xero will then redirect you back to the Xero Settings page in Fergus and display the Xero options.

Importing Customers from Xero

If you are just getting started with Fergus, you can import your customers from your Xero account. This creates an exact link for the records in both systems.

To do this, click the “Import Customers from Xero” Button at the top right of the page.

2. Xero Settings:

Note: If you have previously connected Xero, Fergus will remember and apply all your previous settings.

To sync invoices and credits to Xero, you must select the correct account codes in the Xero Settings section.

  • Which Xero account do you use for Purchase Invoices?
    This allows you to select where Invoices for materials will be sent to in Xero.

  • Which Xero account do you use for Supplier Credits?
    This allows you to select where any Credits for Materials will be sent to in Xero.

  • Which Xero account do you use for Tradesperson Wages?
    This allows you to choose an Account in Xero for Fergus to pull data from for your reports.

  • Show job ID in reference field
    This displays the Fergus Job ID number in the reference fields in Xero.

3. Setting Xero Sales Account:

Sales account codes make sure the Invoices you send to Xero go to the right account.

To get you up and running, Fergus has created two Sales Account Codes; Material Sales, and Labour Sales (this allows you to split your Materials and Labour when reporting). Select the Xero Chart of Account you wish to use for each of these.

Assigning Accounts:

Assigning accounts lets you decide which accounts from Xero will get sync’d to Fergus.

Turning on your Operating Income, Operating Expenses, Cost of Sales (Labour) and Cost of Sales (Materials) will allow Fergus to sync the data from Xero. This information is then used in Fergus’ Business Overview Report, providing you a view of your profit and loss.

Note: Speak to your accountant if you are unsure which accounts to assign.

4. Additional Options:

The "Refresh Xero Data' button allows you to refresh the connection between the two systems, this is used when there is a delay in information being passed, most commonly caused by a queue.

With Fergus connected to Xero, Fergus will display all the sales and purchasing account codes you have created in Xero. (You cannot create Xero sales and purchase accounts in Fergus, you must create them in Xero).

Fergus recommends you create two Sales Accounts, one for Labour and one for Materials. This splits your sales into two sections so that when you run your reports in Fergus you can drill down into more detail.

Note: If you have created any new account codes in Xero you will need to disconnect and then reconnect Xero to Fergus to have the codes displayed. 

To disconnect Xero from Fergus select the ellipsis at the top right of the Xero settings page and select disconnect.

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