Everyone who needs to log time or be scheduled to jobs in Fergus needs a login.

To add a user, head to ⚙ Settings and click the ➕ New User button on the left-hand menu (you'll need to scroll down!):

You'll find your active users on the left:

On the user page, you'll find these options for your selected user:

🔑 Change password: use this to change the user's password if they've forgotten it.
👤  Change user type: change the user to another role such as Timesheet or Full user.
❌ Disable the user: use this if the user is not doing work for a while or they've left.
✏️ Change username: change the username / email that the user uses to login.

Use the tabs along the bottom to assign the user to groups, view their pay rates, adjust their permissions, and view their signature.

If you've disabled a user, you can re-enable them by clicking the button at the top of their page:

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