This article will cover how to set up SMS as an additional authentication method for your Fergus profile login.

If you aren't yet familiar with two-factor authentication, we recommend looking at our other help articles for What is Two-Factor Authentication.

If you'd like to use an authentication app as your second form of authentication check out our help article for Setting up Two-Factor Authentication with Authy (recommended).

Set Up SMS Authentication

1. Login to your Fergus account. If you don't have two-factor authentication set up on your profile you will be taken straight to the two-factor authentication set up page.

2. Press Enable two-factor authentication to begin.

3. Select Use Text Message (SMS) as your security method and then press Continue.

4. Enter your mobile number and then press Send.

5. Check your phone to retrieve the security code sent to you via SMS. Enter the security code into Fergus and press Continue.

6. All done! Your two-factor authentication is now enabled and all future logins will require you to enter in a security code sent to your phone via SMS.

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