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Enable Two-Factor Authentication on your Fergus Account
Enable Two-Factor Authentication on your Fergus Account

How to enable Two-Factor Authentication as a master admin user on your company's Fergus account

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Before individual users can set up Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), your company's Master-Admin user will need to enable it for the account as a whole.

This article will cover how to activate Two-Factor Authentication on your Fergus account and point you to what comes next.

Activating Two-Factor Authentication

1. Login to Fergus and open Settings

2. Select Security on the left-hand side of the screen.

3. Click the blue Enable Mandatory 2FA button.

4. 2FA is now enabled on your company's Fergus account.

Next Steps

Now that 2FA is enabled on your company's account, you should get each of your users to set up 2FA for their individual logins.

For help with this, visit one of our other help articles which vary depending on the type of security method your users would like.

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