I'm trying to setup 2FA in the mobile app but my login keeps failing:

To configure 2FA on your mobile device you will need to be using the latest version of the app. to update the app you will need to navigate to the relevant app store:

I’m not able to update my Fergus Mobile App to the latest version

If for some reason the 'Update' option is not available in your device’s App store and you're not sure if you are on the latest version of the App, we recommend deleting the App from your device and reinstalling it from the app store with the above links.

Does my whole team need to implement 2FA?

2FA is mandatory for some Fergus customers connected to certain accounting packages. For these customers 2FA can not be disabled without removing the accounting software integration and all Fergus users on the account must set up 2FA either via an Authentication App or SMS.

For everyone else, 2FA is an optional security setting that we strongly recommend you use. Once 2FA is enabled in your security settings, all of your Fergus users will be directed to set up 2FA the next time they log in.

Which authentication apps can I use?

We recommend Authy by Twilio, however if you prefer another authentication app you're welcome to use that one.

There are a range of authentication apps and Fergus supports most of them. They're all free from your device's App Store. The most popular ones are Authy, Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator and 2FA Authenticator.

Will codes generated via an Authentication App be valid/work for Mobile App logins?

If you are setting up 2FA on a desktop computer or in a web browser, you can choose whether to use an authentication app or SMS as your security method.

Security codes generated from authentication apps, like Authy, can be used to sign into the Fergus mobile app. However, if you are setting up 2FA for the first time using the Mobile App, the only security method currently available is SMS.

What if I don’t know my username and/or password?

If you can't recall your username, contact your Master/Admin User. They can access your username from their account and update it if necessary.

If you or one of your team has forgotten their password:

  1. Use the Forgot Password link on our login page (if your username is an email address).

  2. Fergus Master/Admin Users can view login usernames and/or reset a users’ password under User Settings if necessary.

  3. If all else fails, contact our Support team to assist you.

Note: if you are setting passwords for your team members, it’s important to use a strong, unique password for each user that meets the password requirements set out in the App.

Fergus will never ask you to share your username or password with us via email or phone. It’s important that individual users of Fergus keep their login information private.

Can I switch or reset my 2FA method?

To change authentication methods or reset your current setup, contact our Support team.

What if I lose my mobile or my number changes?

If you are using an authentication app, make sure you update your phone number in the app itself. If you are using SMS, we may need to reset your set up - please contact our Support team.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our Support team.

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