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Adding and Managing Users
Adding and Managing Users

How to add new users into Fergus and manage them

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Everyone who needs to log time or be scheduled to jobs in Fergus needs a login.
This article will go over adding new users into Fergus and setting them up.

Add a New User

To add a user, head to ⚙ Settings > Users and click the Add New User button in the top right:

You'll be asked to fill in the details for the new user:

For more details regarding Inviting New User, please see our help article:

Once everything looks good, click Save and the new user will appear in the Users list.

Manage a User

Head to ⚙ Settings > Users and click the name of the user you'd like to manage:

User Details

Change this user's User type, login, password, and First and Last name.
Click the options button (⋯) to disable this user and view the activity log for this user.
Click the pencil icon or Edit Avatar to change this user's avatar.
See Adding and Managing Groups for information on adding this user to a group.

Personal Details

Add this user's contact details including Email address, Mobile Phone, and Address. Click the + to add additional contact details.
You can also view this user's signature.


Enable and disable mobile and email notifications for each option:


Here you will find miscellaneous settings for this user:

Show user in calendar
This setting determines whether or not this user will appear in the scheduling calendar. If this is unticked, you will not be able to schedule jobs for this user.

User can be assigned to jobs
Unticking this option prevents anyone from assigning jobs to this user.

User is a Master Admin User
Making this user a Master Admin will let them change other users' passwords, permissions, and make other users Master Admin Users. Usually only the business owner needs this ticked.

Show detailed help text on the status board
If this option is ticked, moving your mouse over each status in the Status Board will show more detailed help text.

Employee Pay

Change this user's standard pay rate and charge out rate. You can also enable Pay Rules for this user.


View permissions for this user:

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