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Setting up GPS Tracking
Setting up GPS Tracking

How to enable Geolocation Services on your users' devices and have them show up on the Employee Map

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By enabling Geolocation Services on each of your users' devices, you're able to track their whereabouts on the Employee Map found on the web version of Fergus.

Please note that the Employee Map / GPS tracking is a Professional Plan feature only.

Setup the Fergus app

Open the Fergus Go app and click on the hamburger menu to open Settings from the bottom-right corner of the screen:

Tap "Locations" and enable GPS locations by clicking on the toggle:

To make sure Fergus can access the device's location features, you'll now need to make sure location permissions are enabled in your device settings. Follow the next steps for Android or iPhone.

Setup Android

Grant Fergus Location Permissions

If you're still not getting GPS pings from your device, you may need to give Fergus permission to use the device's GPS functionality.

Open the device's Settings app and head to Apps:

On Samsung devices, look for Applications > Application Manager.

Tap Fergus Go:

And inside Permissions turn on Location access:

Note: If you opt to select "Allow only while using app," you'll be prompted to grant location permission each time you open the Fergus app.

Setup iPhone

Grant Fergus Location Permission

Open up Fergus Go from the device's Settings app:

There are 3 options that we want to turn on:

Location: set this to Always (Note: If you opt to select "While Using The App", you'll be prompted to grant location permission each time you open the Fergus app.)

​Motion & Fitness: you will improve battery life by enabling this setting. Fergus will only access GPS when the phone detects movement.

​Background App Refresh: turning this on lets Fergus send location data when you're using other apps. If you leave it off, Fergus can only send location updates when the screen is on and you're using the app.

Please note that if you've configured Location Permissions to "Always," you might eventually be prompted to confirm whether you still want to grant continuous access.

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