Setting Up Line Item Sales Accounts

Use Sales Account Codes to specify which accounts your line items sync to in your accounting package

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The Sales Account Codes feature allows you to assign line items with their corresponding costs to more sales types than just Material or Labour Sales. These new sales types are able to be synced to your connected accounting package, whether that be Xero or MYOB.

To get started, head on over to your profile icon next to Help (?) button.

From there, click ⚙ Settings > Sales Account Codes:

First, you'll want to assign an account from your connected accounting package:

In this example, we've created a new sales type called Travel Charges which will send assigned line items to the Xero Other Revenue account

Once you’ve setup a new sales account it will appear in Tiered Pricing where you can assign the line items which should be sent to that account:

When your Customer Invoice is synced to your connected accounting package the line items will go to the accounts specified above or on the invoice itself:

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