Hide line items on your quote, estimate, and invoice so they don't show on your customer's copy. They will be visible again when you Inspect the document. There are two ways to hide line items:

1. Combine to one line

Tick the β˜‘οΈ checkbox next to the line items you want to combine on your document, and you'll notice the cog βš™ on the toolbar become visible.

Click the βš™ cog and select Combine to one line:

You can select all items in a section by ticking the checkbox below the section title.

You can see how the quote will look to your customer by clicking the πŸ‘ Preview button.

2. Hide all line items

Sometimes you don't want anything to appear at all. In this case, you can click the Line Items button beside the section you want to hide and select Hide All.
You can also click Formatting Options (the pencil icon) to hide all line items on the document.

Syncing to your accounting package

Because hiding line items is a Fergus feature, it isn't supported by any connected accounting package. What this means is once the invoice syncs across, all line items will be visible.
If you're sending out invoice reminders, we recommend turning off the option to include a copy of the invoice to prevent your customer from seeing the items you've hidden.

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