Import your customers from Xero or MYOB

By connecting your accounting package to Fergus, we take the hard work out of getting your customers into Fergus. Start by linking to your accounting package.

After linking, you'll find an option to import your customers from your accounting package at the top of the Customers page:

You'll see Import from MYOB if that's what you're connected to

If you're connected to Xero, only customers marked as 'Customers' are brought across. 'Suppliers' and other labels are not brought across to Fergus.

Importing customers in โš™ Settings

You can also bring your customers across from the Xero and MYOB pages in โš™ Settings. This behaves the same way as importing your customers in the Customers screen.

Import your customers from a file

If you aren't connected to an accounting package or simply don't want to import your customers from one, you can import a file containing your customers.

Navigate to the Customers page and click Import From CSV:

You can then drag the file containing your customers from your desktop into the box at the top of the screen. You can also click the box to find the file on your computer. You can upload .csv and .txt files:

Next, match up the columns in the file to the details stored in Fergus:

In this example, you can see we matched up Name to Column 1, Phone number to Column 23, and so on.
NOTE: First Name of your contact is now Mandatory. Please add this into your file upon import.ย 

Don't worry if you make a mistake, if things look wrong you can always re-upload the customer list at any time.

If your customer list is in another format (such as .xls), you will need to open the file in Excel and click File > Save As and set the Save as type to CSV:

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