Team Setup

The 60 Min Setup (Step 5)

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Give your team access to Fergus so they can log their time, capture materials on site and access to all the jobs information (schedule, location and job details). This means that information doesn't sit only with you and your admin time is reduced and you can send the invoice ( so get paid ) sooner

Team Setup

Everyone who needs to log time or be scheduled on jobs will need a login. To add a new user follow the steps below:

  1. Go to settings, scroll down to users and click "add new user (top right hand corner)

  2. Add the users details and confirm which "user type" you want to assign to your staff member

  3. Confirm email address and password so they can access the app.

  4. Confirm the pay rates (standard pay rate, charge out rates)

  5. You can edit the details at any time by accessing a list if users in the settings tab.

* if adding a full user, but you don't want them to see financial information this will need to be updated in the permissions tab

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