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The 60 Min Setup (step 2)

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Fergus syncs invoices to your accounting system with no manual action. This makes dealing with your bookkeeper and doing jobs like Tax returns a breeze.

Accounting Setup:

  1. In Fergus, click on your Profile icon then go to Settings:

  2. From there, open the Integration Centre:

  3. Click the blue "Connect to XXX" button to start, this will load the login screen.

  4. Sign in using your existing login credentials.

  5. Allow Fergus to Access your data.

  6. Once complete you will be redirected to the settings page - in order to sync invoices and credits you will need to select the correct account codes for the below accounts:

    1. Purchase invoices - where invoices for materials will be sent

    2. Supplier Credits - where credits for materials will be sent

    3. Wages - enable you to pull data for reporting.

  7. Finally you will need to set Sales account codes to ensure invoices you send go to the right account.

  8. Fergus has created two default sales account codes: Materials and Labour so to get started you will need to select the chart of account you wish to sue for each.

*If you have any questions with the above we recommend reaching out to your bookkeeper or accountant to confirm any details you are unsure about.

Once set-up please email with your required Fergus invoice starting number (to align with your accounting package) before sending any invoices

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