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The 60 Min Setup (step 4)

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Scheduling jobs is faster when your customers' details are ready to use in Fergus. There are 3 ways in Fergus to upload your customers:

1. Import a CSV list of your customers:

  1. Download a CSV customer file of your customers.

  2. Go to Customers on the top banner

  3. Select the ellipsis next to the 'add customer button'

  4. Select import customers

  5. Drag and drop the file or select the select file button.

  6. In the preview match the correct columns to the required information, required fields are:

    1. Customer / Company name

    2. First name

2. Manually add customers:

  1. Go to Customers on the top banner

  2. Click Add New Customer

  3. Complete Customer / Company Name, Physical Address, Default Main Contact

  4. Click Save Customer

  5. Add additional customers as required.

3. Import customer via accounting integration:

  1. To upload your customers go to the 'Integration Centre'

  2. Click on the accounting package you have integrated into Fergus

  3. Select the "Import Customers" button on the top right-hand side of the page.

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