Invoices Aren't Appearing in Xero

How to reset your Xero integration and resend missing invoices.

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Sometimes your Fergus-to-Xero integration may become stale. When this happens, you'll quickly notice that new invoices aren't pushing through to Xero.

While we can't tell what causes individual stale connections from our end, it's usually due to the connection being inactive for some time or password changes on Xero's side.

Regardless of why it happened, the fix is easy from Fergus' side: Disconnect and reconnect the Xero integration then manually push through missing invoices.

Note: You'll need to be logged in as a master admin user.

This article will take you through the following:

1. Confirm your Xero connection status

If your newest invoices aren't appearing in Xero after waiting an hour, you most likely have a stale connection. Proceed to Step 2.

If your newest invoices are correctly appearing in Xero but you still have older invoices which haven't appeared in Xero, your connection isn't stale but you'll need to manually resend the missing invoices. Proceed to Step 3.

2. Disconnecting and Reconnecting the Xero Integration

To disconnect your Xero integration:

  • Open Fergus.

  • Navigate to Settings > Integration Centre > Xero > Disconnect Xero.

  • Confirm disconnection when "You are about to disconnect your Xero account from Fergus. This will stop any further automated imports between Xero and Fergus. You can reconnect at any time." warning appears.

Your disconnection is now complete. Use the following steps to reconnect.

  • If you have multiple Xero accounts please ensure you're logged into the one Fergus is integrating with before attempting to connect.

  • Press the blue Connect to Xero button and proceed with standard set up process as you would have done in initial set up.

Your connection has now been reset and you can focus on the invoices which should already have been sent through.

3. How to generate a report of missed invoices

Open the Customer Invoice Report and filter the invoices by "Not in Xero" using the drop-down on the right side of the screen.

You'll notice any invoices that now appear will not have the blue Xero-infinity symbol on the right-most column. These are the invoices you'll need to manually send to Xero.

4. Manually Sending Missing Invoices

Open each individual invoice you'd like to send to Xero.

When viewing the invoice, open the context menu (⋮) beside the invoice and select Resend to Xero.

The invoice should appear in Xero generally within a few minutes, however this may take up to an hour when there's particularly high traffic.

If you have any queries please message us at with the invoice number you're having issue with.

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