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Xero: Invoice not of valid status for modification
Xero: Invoice not of valid status for modification

What to do if you see this error message on your synced invoices

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If you see this error message on any of your invoices, it means the invoice number already exists in Xero.

You'll want to login to your Xero account and use search to find the invoice:

Supplier Invoice:

If it's an old invoice

  1. Go to the new invoice back in Fergus and click Edit from the βš™ cog menu.

  2. Add a few extra characters as suffixes to the invoice number to differentiate it from the one in Xero and click Save.

  3. Click the βš™ cog menu again and click Send to Xero. The invoice should sync within a minute.

If it's the same invoice or search doesn't find anything

If the invoice in Xero is the same invoice that you're having trouble with in Fergus or search doesn't return any results, get in touch and we'll work out what's going on.

Customer Invoice:

Please contact Support team advising the highest invoice number in Xero.

We will need to increase the starting invoice number in Fergus from our end.

You will then be advised once done.

From there, you can duplicate the invoices that have failed to sync then Approve it to send to Xero.

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