Note: Fergus does not support the old MYOB Essentials, MYOB Essentials Payroll NZ and Payroll Australia. We are now supporting the new MYOB Essentials. Click here to find out when your MYOB Essentials will get upgraded.


This article will help you identify which version of MYOB Essentials you have. This will help you connect to MYOB easily without confusion.

When to use it

You'll want to connect your MYOB account to Fergus when you first sign up, this will help you get your Essentials account synced to Fergus.

How to use it

To find out if you're on the latest version of MYOB Essentials identify which web address you are using below:

Old MYOB Essentials Web Address:

New MYOB Essentials Web Address:

You can find your web address in the address bar at the top of your browser as shown below.


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