You can setup automatic invoice reminders to send either SMS, email, or both when an invoice becomes overdue.

Hop on over to โš™ Settings > Reminders and scroll down to Invoices to turn on SMS, Email, or both:

Turn off SMS and Email Reminders for specific customers by selecting Disable Invoice Reminders in their customer settings (head to Customers on the navigation bar, select the customer you want to edit, and click the pencil button):


Click the SMS Settings or Email Settings buttons to edit the reminder templates.

Email and SMS Reminders

While an invoice remains unpaid SMS/Email reminders will be sent depending on the frequency you have set in the Reminders Settings.

Below are the options you can choose from:

  • On the day after the approval

  • On the due date

  • 1 day overdue

  • 5 days overdue

  • 7 days overdue

  • 10 days overdue

  • 14 days overdue

  • 21 days overdue

  • 28 days overdue

  • 42 days overdue

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