Favourites are a convenient way to add groups of items to an invoice or quote all at once and speed up the document creation process. 

You can set up your Favourites in Settings > Favourites, and if you need to enter custom line items not found in your price books, you can do so here as well
(When you enter a custom line item we'll save it to your Custom Price Book rather than to a supplier).

Once in the Favourite Settings, you will first need to add a folder - you can create multiple folders to help organize your favourites and make it easier to find the ones you want:

You will prompted to enter name for your folder and it will then appear in the first column.
If you then click on the folder, you will be able add a favourite or another folder into it with the Add Section or Add folder options respectively in the second column. It is here that you can see the contents of this folder as well. 

If we click Add Section, then we will be asked to enter a name for our new favourite as with the folder. From there we can select it and its details will appear at the bottom like so: 

We can then use the "Add a Line Item" box in the image above, to search for items in our price book and add them to our favourite. 

To now add our Favorite when making a draft Invoice or Quote, we can either search for it or use the Favourites button: 

Fixture Price

If you have a group of items that you often charge out together at a preset price, then you can also set a fixture price for that favourite. 

This gives you the option to add it to the quote or invoice with the item prices adjusted automatically so that the total price of the favourite items come at your fixture price instead (you can still add it normally to use the calculated price instead).

An option to use the fixture price for the invoice or quote will be present when you find the favourite from the favourites button.

For more info please see:

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