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Release Notes 2018
Release Notes 2018

A log of updates in Fergus made in 2018

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Released on 4 Dec 2018


  • You can now create custom Uncharged Reasons! Check out this article to get started

  • Continuing our theme of updating the look and feel of Fergus, we are introducing:

    • All new colours for the Dashboard

    • All pages have received improvements to layout


  • Fixed the vertical time bar on the calendar sometimes hiding behind jobs

  • Fixed an issue where disabled recurring job templates couldn't be enabled

  • Fixed Google Maps buttons appearing larger than other buttons on Employee Map

Released on 22 Nov 2018


  • We've rebuilt the Health and Safety pages from the ground up, bringing them into line with the rest of Fergus

  • Calendar events now update in real time - no more reloading the calendar to see what's changed!

  • You can now view disabled users on reports by ticking 'Show disabled users' on the Timesheet Summary and Timesheet Overview


  • Fixed SMS messages sent from Job Overview not appearing in Notes & History for that job

  • Fixed incorrect name for supplier EWM

  • Minor text and interface fixes

Released on 24 Oct 2018


  • The login page has a fresh coat of paint (

  • You might also notice the app now uses our new logo!

  • We've retired our old scheduling function. If you're still on this, you'll automatically be switched to our new calendar.

  • Added support for Brisbane Wholesale Hardware invoice import

  • Added support for D&W Electrical invoice import

  • Added support for QCD Wholesale Hardware invoice import

  • Added support for Swan Plumbing Supplies invoice import

  • Added support for ₫ Vietnamese currency

  • Updated line item search to also check Additional Search Code if specified in price book

  • Updated customer settings to allow a charge out rate of $0

  • Updated Financial Summary to include Total Incurred Hours

  • Improved reliability of calendar

  • Improved email editor so email addresses no longer clear when pressing 'space'

  • Improved email settings so BCC email can be specified without Default email specified too

  • Improved consistency of labels used throughout Fergus

  • Fixed Last Modified column on Status board not filtering when clicked

  • Fixed Quote Sent SMS displaying tag names instead of actual data

  • Fixed quote description not importing onto invoice even when option was ticked

  • Fixed job card options sometimes not opening when clicked

  • Fixed issue where Fergus Pay refunds weren't available for some customers

  • Fixed some popups not opening fully on Safari

  • Fixed site visit letters ignoring other site visits when moved to another job

  • Fixed issue where some users could view Quote page without required permissions

  • Minor text and interface fixes

Released on 1 Sep 2018


  • Multiple improvements to the Certification experience, including the ability to pick what time entries appear on the certificate.


  • Added support for Computer Dynamics invoice import

  • Added the ability to search by invoice total in Customer Invoice Report

  • Added support for Overhead and Expense accounts in Business Activity Report

  • Updated date picker in Timesheet Overview to allow viewing dates in the future

  • Updated invoice importer to pick up product code for more suppliers

  • Improved text legibility when inspecting customer invoices

  • Improved text legibility when reconciling supplier invoices

  • Fixed an issue where files may not open when clicking their name

  • Fixed missing check mark on calendar after scheduling events

  • Fixed sign off using wrong time zone in some locations

  • Fixed Moving Items showing a blank screen when cancelling changes

  • Fixed date picker jumping back in time on the Pay Summary Report

  • Minor text and interface fixes

Released on 16 Aug 2018


  • In case you missed it we've got a new website! Meet

  • We've also moved the application over to from the old


  • Updated moving items to allow items on voided invoices to be moved

  • Improved contrast of icons on the invoice builder

  • Improved calculation on Supplier Documents tab on the job card

  • Fixed an issue where users who created queries weren't getting notified that they were resolved

  • Fixed inability to turn off SMS reminders

  • Fixed issue where tax-free supplier invoices were showing up in Xero with tax reapplied

  • Fixed price book settings page failing to load if there was a sync error with connected accounting package

  • Minor text and interface fixes

Released on 7 Aug 2018


  • Just a small release today. We've improved the reliability of the calendar screen to alleviate slow-downs reported by some users.

  • We also fixed an issue where the map could fail to load

Released on 26 Jul 2018


  • Added support for EWM invoice import

  • Added a number beside Certificates in the job card, showing how many have been created

  • Updated the look of stock on hand labour on the sign off sheet

  • Improved reliability of SMS reminders

  • Improved print layout of Fergus Pay invoices in Internet Explorer

  • Fixed an issue where new quote versions couldn't be created if another version was accepted

  • Fixed an issue where favourites might ignore default price tier when added through search

  • Fixed time zone issue where invoice date would change to a day later

  • Fixed cost price appearing in some places even if permission to see it was disabled

  • Minor text and interface fixes

Released on 3 Jul 2018


  • Updated tax rate picker to allow any value to be entered

  • Updated invoice reminder options and moved them into their own page - Reminders

  • Improved display of notifications

  • Fixed an issue where quote notes could be hidden

  • Fixed labour discount box on invoices not applying

  • Enabled moving items on Voided site visits

  • Minor text and interface fixes

Released on 7 Jun 2018


  • Added support for Cooks CSV import

  • Added support for Blixm Ltd CSV import

  • Added support for Water Supply Products CSV import

  • Added support for Electroquip CSV import

  • Added support for Industrial Electrical Suppliers CSV import

  • Added support for Plumbtec CSV import

  • Added Custom Price Book filter to price book search

  • Added 21 Days Payment Terms

  • Fixed certificates appearing twice in email editor

  • Fixed WIP Report totals not calculating correctly when including figures in the millions

  • Fixed an issue where a contact's details could duplicate when editing them

  • Fixed new job form on calendar appearing behind other popups

  • Minor text and interface fixes

Released on 9 May 2018


  • We've updated the look and feel of the Fergus interface! Introducing a new colour palette and a more consistent font throughout the system.


  • Improvements to the certificate editor for reliability and fixes for layout issues

  • Finished implementing our new icon set throughout the Fergus interface

Released on 24 Apr 2018


  • Updated group filtering on status board to show jobs in all groups

  • Updated information available on Business Activity Report

  • Improved overdue task notification to fire at a more reasonable time

  • Fixed cursor not automatically appearing in query text fields

  • Fixed purchase order sell price not appearing until after save

  • Fixed invoices not importing if supplier hadn't been used before

  • Fixed rare issue with reconciling Mico integration invoices

  • Minor text and interface fixes

Released on 4 Apr 2018


  • Added a separate BSB number field for Fergus Pay payments

  • Added filename info to thumbnails on email editor

  • Updated email editor to support Chrome spellcheck

  • Improved speed of price book imports - these should now appear in your account sooner

  • Improved email template editor to reduce formatting issues

  • Improved task editor to show date created

  • Fixed site visit showing code when updating its title

  • Fixed unassigned events not moving job to To Start

  • Fixed issue where multiple site visits might be created upon accepting quote

  • Fixed issue where multiple similar sites wouldn't appear in new job form

  • Fixed map breaking when a user is prevented from being assigned to jobs

  • Fixed State field not saving in Fergus Pay settings

  • Minor text and interface fixes

Released on 12 Mar 2018


  • We have updated the look and feel of the invoice builder, simplifying it and making invoices much faster to create

  • We have updated the look of the email editor


  • Added time and date fields to pickup purchase order emails

  • Added job and site visit title edit messages to Notes & History

  • Fixed city and state fields doubling up in MYOB on synced invoices

  • Fixed estimate accepted notification mentioning quotes

  • Fixed cancel archive button confirming an archive request

  • Minor text and interface fixes

Released on 28 Feb 2018


  • Added a 50/50 split option for Fergus Pay surcharge

  • Added missing timezones to picker in Settings

  • Added support for Emco CSV import

  • Updated look and feel of price book search on dashboard

  • Updated Fergus Pay portal to make it clearer that the surcharge is a transaction fee

  • Updated Fergus Pay portal to more clearly show the different payment options

  • Updated our font to make certain pages easier to read (e.g. the Calendar)

  • Fixed invoice preview not updating after changing payment terms

  • Fixed labour under stock on hand not being counted in the financial summary

  • Minor text and interface fixes

Released on 16 Jan 2018


  • SMS: New Invoice template and Invoice Reminders now include a link to pay the invoice through Fergus Pay.


  • Added a 'Paid Amount' tag for invoice SMS and email templates

  • Added Supplier Name to Supplier Reconciliation status CSV export

  • Added more detail to user activity logs

  • Updated email editor to accept .zip file attachments

  • Updated Invoice % of Quote function to produce a combined line item

  • Fixed notifications appearing underneath windows

  • Fixed Job Details email not showing site visit bookings on quote jobs

  • Fixed issue where job list would show all jobs for some users

  • Fixed rare issue where no tasks appeared on the dashboard

  • Fixed disabled Add Variation button in Job Overview screen

  • Minor text and interface fixes

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