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Email Ingestion Set Up
Email Ingestion Set Up

How to set up Email Ingestion with a supplier to automatically receive their invoices directly in Fergus

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You can now receive invoices automatically via our new feature; Email Ingestion. This saves you time by automatically adding your invoices into your Fergus account so you no longer need to use the old drag-and-drop version.

Email Ingestion creates a unique email address, for each of your suppliers, that they can send your invoices to. Any invoices they send to the email address will automatically be added to your Fergus account.

This article will take you through setting up Email Ingestion. By the end of this, you will have created a unique email address for one of your suppliers and provided it to them.

Setting up Email Ingestion

1. Navigate to Fergus > Settings > Integration Centre

The Integration Centre displays all suppliers which support Email Ingestion.

2. Select your supplier and open the "Configuration" tab

3. Toggle the email integration ON

Your unique email address for this supplier will then be displayed. This is the email address your suppliers will direct your future invoices to.

4. Send the email address to the supplier

Click on the "Send email" button to trigger the default email client or software on your computer, with the email template shown below.

Input the store's email address as the Recipient and then send manually.
(Please note: The "Send email" button doesn't automatically trigger or send an email to the supplier).

The other option is to simply Copy (click button) the special Fergus email address, and email that out to the Supplier/Store with a request that supplier documents, in .CSV, be sent to that special email address.

It might take a couple of days for your supplier to process your request and start sending your invoices automatically.

Once your supplier starts sending invoices via email, check your Supplier Docs page for assigning new documents.

How Email Ingestion works when set up

You can view a log of invoices received from each supplier in the "Log" tab.

Once they're received, you can assign the invoices in the "Supplier Docs" page to the job they're associated with.


Q: If I turn on email ingestion for a supplier, can I still use the old drag-and-drop for that supplier?

A: Yes, you can. If you ever want to upload an invoice from the supplier manually, the old drag-and-drop feature will still work just the same.

Q: An invoice seems to have been imported correctly, but I can see "Failed" files from the same email in the log view, why is that?

A: Sometimes suppliers send the same invoice in multiple formats in the same email. e.g. the same invoice may be sent in CSV and and PDF formats.

Our system will check and process the correct one. The wrong format will be shown as 'Failed' in the log.

Q: What do the different status in the "Log" tab mean?

A: In each standard integrated supplier's page under log tab, we have information for each attachment within an email. An attachment can have 3 statuses: Success, Failed and In progress.

"Success" means that the invoice/credit is imported correctly. You can also see how many invoices are processed from that email attachment (often you have multiple invoices in one csv file).

"Failed" means that the attachment can't be processed, either in the wrong file type, or the layout/format/mapping doesn't match the mapping we have for that supplier.

"In Progress" means we have received the email, and is processing it. This can lead to either success or failed or a mix of both if multiple attachments included.

Q: Is there a limit on the size or number of attachments in the suppliers emails?

A: Yes, to protect us from spam, we have limited the number of email attachments to 20. This means that if a supplier sends an email with more than 20 attachment, this email will fail and you won't see any errors in logs either.

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