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Quick and easy steps to use our standard supplier integrations

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Fergus has a wide range of standard integrations with suppliers across New Zealand, Australia and the UK. This functionality allows you to import your supplier invoices and/or credits (in CSV format) into your Fergus account for you to assign to jobs, allowing you to skip manually adding materials costs into jobs.

For any suppliers who do not have a standard integration with Fergus or for paper invoices, you will need to manually add them into Fergus.

In this article we'll cover:

  1. How to import invoices/credit notes

  2. How to add invoices/credit notes

  3. How to assign invoices/credit notes

How to use it

1. How to import invoices/credit notes

If the supplier you're buying materials from is a supplier we support a Standard Integration for (you can check by clicking here), you can download your supplier invoice(s) and/or credit csv file from the supplier's Trade Portal or email and save them to an easily accessible folder. (You should also let your Supplier know that you are a Fergus customer, and would like Fergus compatible csv invoices/credits).

Next, click "Supplier Documents" in the menu bar.

Drag & drop the invoice/credit files into the blue box or click Choose Files to then find the supplier you want.

Pick your supplier from the list then click "Import".

After importing, the invoice or credit will show under supplier documents to process with the status "New".

2. How to add invoices/credit notes

If your supplier doesn't have a Standard Integration with Fergus yet, or if you have received a paper invoice, click "Supplier Documents" in the menu bar.

To manually add invoices/credit notes from non-integrated suppliers click on the buttons "Add paper invoice" or "Add paper credit".

You will see a pop-up where you will need to input the details and the line items from your paper invoice/credit. When you're done click "Complete".

Another pop-up will appear asking you if the invoice has been entered correctly, click "Approve" when you are happy with the invoice.

It will appear under the Supplier Documents to Process with the status "New".

3. How to assign invoices/credit notes

To assign invoices/credit notes to the appropriate site visit, search for the site visit the invoices/credit notes correspond to. Please note, if your invoice contains a job order number, Fergus will auto match it to the corresponding site visit, and you can click Assign to confirm without doing a search.

After you have found the site visit to assign the invoice/credit note you will be prompted with a pop-up asking you to confirm the document assignment. Click "Assign" if you are sure the document corresponds to the site.

To undo this action click the "Undo Action" button.


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