Connecting your Google Calendar/s with your Fergus account and vice versa allows you to check on the days schedule from either platform. 

This is great for keeping track of your worker's schedule and commitments outside of work, things like Doctor's Appointments or Family Events can be viewed easily so you aren't double booking your team.

This article will walk you through:

  1. Activating the connection

  2. Syncing a Google Calendar to Fergus

  3. Syncing a Fergus Calendar event to Google Calendar

  4. What information is Synced

When to use it:

You'll want to set this up once you've done the admin on your account and have begun scheduling jobs regularly in Fergus.

How to use it:

1. Activating the connection

Before you can start syncing calendars to Fergus, you will need to activate the Google Calendar Integration for your company account. This can be done in Settings > Integration Centre > Google Calendar by clicking the toggle at the top right:

Note: Deactivating the Sync from the Settings will unlink ALL of your staff's calendars, so they will need to re-authenticate if you wish to turn it on again.

2. Syncing a Google Calendar to Fergus

Once you have turned on the feature for your company, users will need to sync their google calendar with their Google login details. 

To sync with Google Calendar hover your mouse over your profile image and head down to select Sync Google Calendar to Fergus:

Once clicked, you will be able to select whether you want to sync Fergus events to Google, Google events to Fergus, or both:

Select the options applicable and then Continue. You will then be prompted by Google to log into your Google Account and authorise Fergus to access your calendar.

Once this has been configured you can check on the connection by heading to your Fergus Calendar.

To let you know that the User is connected, a G symbol will appear next to the their name in the Fergus Calendar. You can hover over this symbol to view their Sync Status as well:

Each user must individually sync their calendar to their login. This is due to privacy concerns - each user will need to log into their Google Account to give Fergus Access.

If both connections becomes disabled, you will need to log back into your Google account to reestablish the link.

3. Add Fergus Calendar to Google
Once you have connected, check your Google email so you confirm adding the Fergus calendar data into your Google Calendar. It's important to do this step, so you can see these event on the Google Calendar mobile and desktop applications.

4. Syncing a Google Calendar to Fergus Calendar

Once this option has been turned on, events from the synced calendar will appear for that user in the Fergus calendar, shown by a G Icon:

These events are similar to a custom event, however you cannot edit them in Fergus - if you need to make changes to them this is done from the Google Calendar the event came from.

If you do make these changes, they will  be reflected in Fergus after a few seconds.
This is mainly to avoid accidentally making changes to a staff member's personal bookings without their permission

Note: Synced Google events can also be hidden if needed by clicking this option at the top right of the Calendar:

3. Syncing a Fergus Calendar event to Google Calendar

When you have connected your Fergus Calendar to your Google Calendar, you will start to see Fergus Events, they will be displayed with the prefix of your Fergus account name and the job number from Fergus in the title, see below:

Important! These events (Red in the above screenshot) must be edited in Fergus rather than Google as that is the source of truth.

4. Use Google calendar app to see the Fergus calendar events on your mobile device.

Once you connection is setup you will need to make sure you have the new connection sync'ed
On your mobile device, open Google Calendar app and tap on Menu icon and go to "Settings"
Click on "Show more" under the email address you have sync'ed as below screenshots, tap on Fergus to Google calendar option and in here just toggle the option to sync. You are now set!

You can change the name of the calendar events, set event notifications and also the colour on how they will be displayed.

This only syncs across the particular Fergus User's events to your Google calendar. You can encourage all your staff to sync their Google accounts with Fergus if you wish to do so.

Thanks for taking the time to read our Article, if you have any questions please get in touch via support@fergus.com

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