Fergus does not allow you to delete jobs or site visits. Instead, jobs are archived and site visits are voided. This way, your business does not lose any crucial information.

This article will cover how to:

  1. Void Site Visits

  2. Archive Jobs

  3. Find an Archived Job

  4. Archive Jobs (Mobile) 

When to use it

Understanding archiving jobs and voiding site visits is important as they have a huge effect on your business. 

How to use it

1. Void Site Visits

Go to the job with the site you want to void. Select the site visit you want to void and click the rubbish bin icon.

A pop-up will open which will ask you if you want to void this site and require you to input some text. After filling in the details click "Void Site Visit".

If there are still uninvoiced costs with this site it will tell you when you try to void the site. If you still want to void the site, fill in the details and click "Void Site Visit".

A voided site visit will appear under Voided Site Visits and will have a red banner above with the status "Voided". Click "Unvoid" to unvoid the site visit.

2. Archive Jobs

Go to the job you want to archive. Click the ⋮ menu and select the "Archive This Job" option.

A pop-up will open and will ask you if you want to void this Job. It will also require you to input some text. After filling in the details click "Archive Job".

Once archived, the job card will have a banner message on it stating when the job was archived. Click "Restore" to unarchive the job.

3. Find an Archived Job

When you archive a job it won't show on the home page anymore. You need to find the customer who's job you have archived or know the Job Number of the job that was archived.

4. Archive Jobs (Mobile)

To archive a job on the Fergus App open the job you want to archive, click on the ellipses menu which opens the "Extra Actions" menu, then select "Archive Job". 

It will have a pop-up where it will ask if you want to archive the job. To archive click "OK".

An archived job will no longer be found in the status board and will have a "Job Archived" banner.

To unarchive this job on mobile select the ellipses menu and select "Unarchive Job". 


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