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Change many lines at once on Quotes and Invoices
Change many lines at once on Quotes and Invoices

How to use Bulk Actions to perform actions on multiple line items at once

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Use bulk actions to apply markups, discounts, and other attributes to many items at once. You'll find these options on quotes and invoices.

How to use

  • Tick the ☑️ checkbox next to each line item you want to change

  • You can quickly select all lines in a section by ticking the checkbox below the section title

  • Click the Bulk Actions ⚙ cog button and select the action you want to apply:

This will remove all ticked items from the document. This cannot be undone.

Combine to one line
Check out Hiding line items for information on this action.

Move to section
Move the selected items to another section on the document

Apply cost plus markup
Enter a number to apply it as a markup on each item based on its cost. If an item doesn't have a cost this will set its sell to zero.

Apply tax rate and Apply discount
Enter a number to apply this as a tax rate or discount on each line item.

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