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Merge sites is a tool to allow you to get control of all the sites you have created and done work for.

When to use:

This feature is for anyone that has created "Sites" in Fergus pre "Site Management" and want to tidy up any duplicates or incomplete data. 

If you have multiple variations of the same site address, this allows you to merge these and all the data that is associated with the sites being merged: like Notes, Contacts and Jobs.

How to use:

Find the sites you want to merge, then use the check box next to the sites listed. Once selected, click on the ellipsis next to the Add new sites button and select "Merge Sites".

This will open the "Merge Sites" pop up and you will need to select the site address you want to keep from the dropdown options. At this point you can decide if the physical address of the site selected can also be set as postal address for this site.
In the table, you will see all the other sites and the data that will be merged into your target site.

At the bottom of this pop up is the summary of the target site that will be kept in your system.
Once you are happy with the target site and data to be merged, click "Merge Sites".
Note: This action is irreversible.

If you change your mind, just click Cancel.

Note: This will update the site address on all the active and inactive Jobs using the merged sites to the new target site.

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