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Creating and Managing Sites
Creating and Managing Sites

Manage the various site addresses you've entered in Fergus

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This feature is currently being rolled out to all our customers
While in this phase you may notice duplicate sites in your system. Note that all the sites you created in the past will not be visible and there was not rules that sites must be unique. This is not longer the case, but you may have some from the old sites system. Get in touch with support if you need help cleaning them up.


You can create and manage customers on the fly for upcoming jobs, and now you can do the same for the sites that these jobs take place on.

A "Sites" menu option has been added to the Fergus navigation bar and lets you manage all the sites entered in your Fergus account.

When to use it

Sites will add an additional layer of detail to jobs. You can now easily specify the correct contacts for jobs on site and manage these people. The biggest advantage with this new sites module is that you can create sites based on the actual physical location and that will allow you to keep a track record of who used to be a contact there over time. Think residential site addresses with multiple tenants across a number of years. You can see who used to be the contact for that site
Head to Sites to manage all sites created alongside jobs you've entered. You can also add new sites with contact people for upcoming jobs.
Previously, you would only be able to add sites while creating a job.

How to use it

Add a New Site

On the Sites page, click Add New Site to start entering the details for your new site:

Enter the site address and default site contact for this site. If this person is also the billing contact leave Select as Billing Contact ticked.

Note: Site Contact's name is a Mandatory field. 

Filter Sites

On the Sites page, click the All Sites dropdown and select the statuses you'd like to appear:

Active sites have an active job against them

Inactive sites have no active job against them, and can be Archived if they won't have any future work on them. A site becomes active again when a new job is created for it

Archived sites have been manually archived and won't appear when creating jobs

Add a Site Contact

Click a Site to open the management view and click Add New Contact:

Enter the contact details for the new site contact on this popup. If this is the new default or billing contact for this site, tick the appropriate box.

Manage Site Contacts

On the Contacts page for the selected site you'll see all site contacts. Click the options button (⋯) beside a contact to:
Edit Add new contact details for this person and a postal address

Set as Billing Contact Set this person as the new billing contact for this site

Set as Default Contact Set this person as the new default contact for this site

Remove Contact Archive this person if they're no longer relevant to this site

Other Site Options

Click the menu button (⋯) to find the Archive option. Archiving a site hides it from the New Job screen. You can make it show again by Restoring it from the same menu.

Add a note by clicking the grey Notes bar underneath the site address.


Go here to edit the physical and postal address for this site:


Go here to view all jobs created for this site. You can search for a specific job or filter down within a date range to see jobs that match that criteria:

Notes & History

Notes & History shows all updates to the site and emails sent to site contacts:

Files & Photos

Upload files and photos relevant to the site on this tab:

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