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The Actual Activity Report
The Actual Activity Report

What does the Actual Activity Report do?

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The Actual Activity Report is a useful tool for getting an overview of job activity undertaken in a given period.

What jobs does it show?

The report will give you a list of jobs that had items added to them in the time period you specified - these can be in the form of line items added to an invoice or quote, stock on hand added to the site visit, time entries and supplier documents.
In some cases, it may also show the main job number and/or site visits for it separately if there are some details specific to only one site visit.

You can also filter by group at the top left of the report to narrow down the list further. 

(You can click the above image to view a full sized copy).

Where do the totals come from?

The Actual Activity Report shows you the total amounts added to the job between the start date and the end date of the report.

Items added before or after this period are not counted, though if the start date is set before the job was created, you can use the report to see what totals were present on the job at the end date you have set.

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