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What does the Work In Progress Report do?

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The Work In Progress or WIP report, is a useful tool for getting an overview of how jobs from a certain period are doing.

What jobs does it show?

Essentially, the report will give you a list of jobs that had items added to them in the time period you specified - these can be in the form of line items added to a quote, stock on hand on the site visit, etc.

You can also use the option at the top of the report to narrow down the list further by job type, or set up a custom filter to include/exclude jobs in certain statuses, or jobs assigned to certain groups and adjust what kind of information is displayed

Where do the totals come from?

The totals shown for the job here are current figures, so the WIP Report can be used to keep track of jobs and see how they are doing. 

This can be helpful in identifying older jobs that have not been completed yet or to get an idea on where jobs with recent activity are at.

If you are after more historical reporting, we suggest you try the Actual Activity Report instead. An article covering this report can be found here: 

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