Under normal circumstances, Fergus will charge the subscription fee to your card automatically on the first of each month.

However, if something has gone wrong and the transaction is unsuccessful, you will receive an email advising you that there was a problem charging your credit card.

In most cases the transaction will have not gone through due to problems with your credit card. You may then obtain a card replacement and update your credit card details in your Billing Settings.

You can also recharge an outstanding bill to your card in โš™ Settings > Billing, by way of the "Pay Now" button under Billing History section.

What happens if my invoice still remains unpaid after 14 days?

Fergus will try to recharge the outstanding bill at the same time as the new one - if this is successful then you don't need to worry and can continue as usual.

If this is unsuccessful again however, then you will need to update your credit card information and recharge the invoice to get back into the site.

If it reaches 14 days after the bill was sent, your Fergus account will be locked and will be displaying as per below:

You can click on Pay Now button if the credit card hasn't expired. Otherwise, click on Update credit card details to put in the new card details.

If any issues, please do not hesitate to contact Support team for further assistance.

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