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Updates to the Invoice Builder
Updates to the Invoice Builder

Get an overview of the most recent changes to the Fergus Invoice Builder

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The invoice builder has been updated to be more streamlined and easier to use.
We have updated the look of each part of the builder, and have been careful to keep all the functions you know and love.


Navigating between invoices couldn't be simpler. Click the underlined Invoicing button to be taken back to the list of invoices on your job:

You no longer have to scroll to the bottom of your invoice to see other invoices that you've worked on: simply scroll up to the navigation bar.

Invoicing settings have also moved: Instead of having to scroll to the bottom of the invoice, you can now access them alongside the invoice builder tools:

Notes are now easily accessible from this menu, and you can see straight away when an invoice has a note that needs actioning.

Job Margins

It's now easier than ever to check your job and invoice margins with improved graphs:

You can now easily see the progress of your invoice: charge-up jobs will show you the progress towards your customer's budget, and quote and estimate jobs will show you progress towards the total quoted amount.

Import Screen

Import is now Add Costs and the screen itself has received additional options!

Quote / Estimate tab

Quote options are now consolidated under the Quote tab, where you can:

Invoice out a percentage % of the currently accepted quote or estimate on the job.
Invoice any outstanding costs on the quote or estimate.
Invoice out sections of the currently accepted quote.

Costs tab

On this tab you can add any costs (labour, supplier invoices, stock on hand) assigned to the job onto your invoice.

Previous Invoices tab

Here you can add sections from previous invoices onto your invoice.

Create Invoice

Create Customer Invoice has become Create Invoice, and the button now offers options up front:

Create New Invoice creates a blank invoice and shows you the Add Costs screen.
Create Quick Invoice
works the same way as before, importing all costs across your site visits onto your invoice.
Create Blank Invoice creates a blank invoice, letting you decide how you want to format it.
Create Invoice from Quote creates a blank invoice and shows you the Add Costs screen with the Quote tab selected.

Summary of Activity

The Summary of Activity button has changed into a menu button, but the options remain the same:

Email Editor

The email editor has a fresh new look and streamlined options!
It's now easier to see which files and photos are currently attached to the email:

Other options

The font size option has moved to the Formatting (paint jar icon) panel.

View / Edit are now Preview / Inspect once the invoice has been approved, more accurately describing what these options do. Inspect allows you to see the full contents of the invoice including combined line items.

What's next?

Need a refresher on how to create invoices? Check out this article: Creating a customer invoice

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