The employee map allows you to track your employees and see their upcoming jobs. The map has two main views: Live view and Track view.

Live view

Live view shows you a list of all your employees and their last known location.

Clicking their name will show you a list of the jobs they are scheduled to today:

It will also focus the map on the employee and their jobs:

The green arrows show the direction the jobs take place.

Clicking the marker icon
to the right of an employee's name will centre the map on their current location, if available:

Clicking a job title anywhere on the map will centre the map on it:

You can click the details displayed to send an email, SMS, and view the job card.

Track View

Track view lets you see an employee's movements for a given day.

Use the drop down box to select the employee you'd like to view information for. You can click the date displayed to choose a different day, or use the left and right arrows to jump back and forth a day.

The green marker displays the first known location for the employee, and the green arrows display direction of movement.

Orange arrows represent areas where reception was lost.

Use the Legend displayed in the bottom right of the map to determine where your employees have been:


  • If you don't see all employees displayed, they've most likely disabled tracking in their Fergus mobile app. See this article to find out how to enable tracking.
  • Not all jobs are displayed on the map; only jobs that have been scheduled for today are shown in Live view. You can see all past and upcoming jobs by using Track view and choosing a day.

Please note that the Employee Map / GPS tracking is a Professional Plan feature only.

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