Creating Variations

Create and manage Job Variations.

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Variations help you track Jobs that share the same customer and site address, but have separate quoting or invoicing.

This article we'll cover:

  • Creating Variations on Desktop and Mobile

  • Navigating between Variations

  • Invoicing with Variations

When to use

Variations are used to track Jobs which have the same customer and site address but different work requirements which need to be tracked separately. The most common use is when more work is added to a Job that wasn't part of the original estimate.

How to use Variations

1. Creating a Variation (Desktop)

Go to your existing Job which you want to make a variation on. This will be the variations 'Parent Job' and can be either a charge-up, estimate, or quote.

Select the Variations menu in the top left-left corner and click the blue "Create Variation" button.

Now select whether the Variation should be a charge up, estimate, or a quote and the variation will be generated.

Once created, the Variation has its own job number and has duplicated the information from the Parent Job.

You can now choose to edit the title and description to reference the difference from the Parent Job.

2. Creating a Variation (Mobile)

When viewing the job, scroll to bottom where the Variations section appears. Then select the green "Create" button.

Note: Be careful you're viewing the job as variations don't appear in site visits.

3. Navigating Variations

All variations will be linked to the parent job on the left hand side of the job card. The variation menu allows you to navigate to other jobs which share the same parent job.

Each variation in progress will appear and move through the Status Board independently.

4. Invoicing Variations

Since Variations are linked, you can create invoices from the main Job that draw from the other Variations costs.

Head to the Invoicing screen on the parent Job you originally created. Then create a new invoice using the "Create New Invoice - Add Costs from Job" option.

You'll then be presented with the Select Costs screen. This screen allows you to take line items from multiple jobs and add them to a single invoice.

Select the job you want to add costs from on the left-hand side and select the line items you would when creating a normal invoice.


Can I use variations to invoice a customer for scoping the job?

Yes. First, create a charge-up job for the original site visit when gathering info for the quote. You can invoice the customer as per normal for this site visit, regardless of whether they accept the quote. Then, create a variation on the charge-up job and use this for the actual quote and the rest of the job.

Can I create a variation on a variation?

No. You can however make multiple variations on the parent job.

Can I move quotes or invoices between variations?


Can I track costs and job data across variations?

The Financial Summary page on the parent job will include data for all variations.


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