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Editing Published Quotes & Estimates
Editing Published Quotes & Estimates

Using Versions to send a new version of your quote or estimate

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Sometimes there are last minute changes where you need to make changes to your quotes and estimates. In Fergus, you cannot edit published quotes and estimates but you can send a new version of the quote/estimate. 

In this article we'll cover how to make a new version of a quote/estimate.

When to use it

This feature is easy to use and makes sure that there are no double ups in your system to minimise confusion. 

How to use it

Open the quote/estimate that you need to edit. Click ⋮ to open the options menu then select "Duplicate Version".

You can also select the drop-down menu named "Version" then select "Create New Version".

While you cannot permanently delete quotes (old or new versions), you are able to void them from the quote ⋮ options menu.


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