How to set up the Reece integration

Sync your Reece invoices automatically with Fergus

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Keeping track of emails or paper invoices from suppliers can be challenging and time consuming for any business.

By connecting your Reece account, invoices will automatically be sent to your Fergus account and appear in Supplier Documents.

This article will cover:

  • Connecting Reece to Fergus 

  • Configuring the Connection

  • Confirming the Connection

When to use it:

Connecting your Reece account can save you time on admin and paperwork associated with supplier invoices, leaving you free to concentrate on more important things.

How to use it:

Connecting Reece to Fergus

Note: In order to connect Reece to Fergus, you must have a Reece (Max) account, If you don't have one, click here if you are in Australia and here if you are in New Zealand.

Click here to log in with Reece if you're based in Australia and here if you're based in New Zealand.

Configuring the Connection:
In order to connect to Reece Plumbing, navigate to your Fergus Settings and open the Integration Centre on the navigation panel on the left.

1. Click on Reece Plumbing and then select "Get Started".

2.  It is now time to select a date from which we'll import invoices from the first time you connect. All previously manually imported invoices will be ignored. 

3. Click "Connect" and wait to be redirected to the Reece login screen. 

4. Enter your Reece credentials and click Login.

Note: If you are already logged in to your Reece account, there will be a direct connection without having to enter your details.

5. Once the authentication is complete you will be re-directed back to Fergus. You are now all set up.

Remember that invoices and credit notes will be imported overnight for the day before and they will be found on the Supplier Documents page.

Confirming your Connection:

You can confirm the connection is active in Fergus by heading to Settings and on the left hand side menu select Reece.  There is a status of your connection displayed next to the Reece's logo.

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