Moving Items Between Jobs

How to move costs to another job or job phase

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You can now move items between jobs, variations, and other job phases. This is great for time entries and materials that were added in the wrong place!

To get going, open the job phase with the items you want to move and click the Move Items button in the top right:

The Move Items popup will open, and you'll see everything on the current job on the left, with destinations on the right:

Moving Individual Items

Select the items you'd like to move using the checkboxes on the left:

Then select a job phase on this Job Card or a different job altogether on the Another Job tab:

Once you've selected some items to move and a destination, click Move Selected:

Moving a Job Phase

If you'd like to move an entire job phase to a different job, click Select Job Phase to select it and everything it contains:

When you move an entire job phase you will only be shown jobs as valid destinations

Moving a job phase may change its letter depending on what other job phases exist at the destination.

If you move the most recent job phase on a job, the next one you create will re-use its letter. e.g Moving Job Phase A on Job 1 ➡ Job 2. Job 1 no longer has a job phase so the next one created will be called Job Phase A.

We hope this helps you save time when you've made a pesky mistake - it's easy to do!

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