Corys invoices, credit notes, purchase orders and price books now automatically sync to Fergus.

To get your invoices out faster, and cash flowing quicker, follow the setup instructions below:

1. To get started, login to your Corys Advantage account:

2. Click the ⚙ Settings button and click API Key Manager

3. Enter your user details, and select Fergus as your Solution Provider

4. Click the green Generate a new API Key button

5. Click OK on the verification message

5. Copy the generated key and paste it into Fergus ⚙ Settings > Corys

Congratulations, your Corys account is now in sync with Fergus!

Invoices, credit notes, and purchase orders sync every five minutes, and price books sync and update once a month.


If your invoices are not syncing or your purchase orders are not going through, make sure you've set the supplier name to Corys in ⚙ Settings > Price Books:

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