Importing Rexel Supplier Invoices

How to import Rexel invoices and credit notes into Fergus

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This article will guide you through importing invoices and credit notes from Rexel Australia into Fergus. It also works for Ideal Electrical Australia, John R. Turk, and Lear & Smith.

1. Importing the CSV file into Fergus

Download to your computer your CSV format supplier invoices/credits from Rexel or your preferred supplier.

Next, open Fergus and select Supplier Docs in the navbar at the top of every Fergus page.

On the Supplier Document Processing page, drag & drop one or more invoice/credit files (of the same supplier) into the blue box or click Choose Files to find the one you want.

Search for "Rexel" or the name of the supplier, then confirm the supplier and hit Import.

After importing, the Rexel invoice or credit will show under supplier documents to process with the status "New".

2. How to assign Rexel invoices and credit notes

To manually assign Rexel invoices/credit notes to the appropriate site visit, search for the site visit the invoices/credit notes corresponds to.

After you have found the site visit to assign the Rexel invoice/credit note to you will be prompted with a pop-up asking you to confirm the document assignment. Click "Assign" if you are sure the document corresponds to the site.

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To undo this action click the "Undo Action" button.

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