Keeping track of emails or paper invoices from suppliers can be challenging and time consuming for any business.

By connecting your O'Briens account, invoices will automatically be sent to your Fergus account and appear in Supplier Documents.

Available Locations

Integration with currently only available with the following O'Briens branches:

  • Hamilton

  • Rotorua

  • Taupo

Setting Up the Integration

You'll need to contact your local O'Briens representative to link Fergus to their system. You can find their contact details in Fergus if you need them.

1. Enter Fergus Settings

2. Open your Integration Centre and select O'Briens.

3. Open the Configuration tab to find contact email details for O'Briens.

4. Send them an email requesting to integrate your account with Fergus. You can do this with your email client outside of Fergus.

5. O'Briens will provide you a username & password to login to their portal.

6. Login with the provided credentials and select Connect Fergus in the top-right corner.

7. You'll be redirected back to Fergus and the setup will be complete. If you aren't redirected, make sure you have pop-ups enabled for O'Briens website.

Success! Your Fergus account is now integrated with O'Briens and all your future invoices will automatically be sent through to your Supplier Documents tab in Fergus.

Further Reading:

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