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Creating a Customer Invoice on Fergus Mobile
Creating a Customer Invoice on Fergus Mobile

How to create an invoice through the Fergus mobile app

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Mobile invoicing makes it easy to collect payments onsite at the time of job completion. Make sure you've updated your app to use this feature (see this article for help).

To create an invoice for your customer, open up the job you want to invoice out and tap Invoices:

Tap the + Create New Invoice button and you'll find the following options:

Create New Invoice creates a blank invoice and shows you the Import screen which lets you choose which costs to invoice out.
Create Quick Invoice imports all costs across your job's site visits onto the invoice.
Create Blank Invoice creates a blank invoice, letting you decide how you want to format it.

Create New Invoice

If you'd like to invoice all labour and materials that were added to the job or a particular site visit, tap Create New Invoice to bring up the Import screen:

In this example we'll tick Site Visit A IPF-74a to invoice out, and then tap Import. Ticking a site visit brings all materials and labour entered against that site visit onto your invoice.

Approval and Collecting Payment

Now you'll need to approve the invoice before sending it to your customer:

Tap Approve Invoice:

You'll see the site visits on this job and be asked to choose which to mark as invoiced.

If you imported your site visits onto the invoice they will be ticked automatically. If your job is finished make sure these are ticked as this will update the job's status in Fergus.

Once you've tapped Approve, Fergus will confirm what to do with the job:

Mark Job As Complete if you know the job is 100% finished and your customer is happy!
Add New Site Visit if the job hasn't been fully complete just yet and you need to return.
Put Job On Hold to send the job to the Pending column of the status board if you're planning to come back to it later.

Collecting Payment

Tap Approve and then Approve & Collect Payment to open the payment portal:

Fergus Pay

To setup Fergus Pay check out this article.

You may like to update your Terms of Trade to include a statement around paying jobs the day they're done. You can update your Terms of Trade here.


Like invoicing on a computer, you'll need to be a Full User and have the following permissions enabled:

  • User can view the invoices section on the job card

  • User can view charge out price for labour and materials

That’s it on mobile invoicing for now. Keep up to date with all Fergus product updates here.

If you want to format the invoice and pick what appears on the final version, read on.

Advanced Options

You can adjust markups and apply discounts, and choose what is visible to the customer.

Markups and Discounts

Tap the Margins button to adjust markups and discounts:


Tap the 3 dots to open the Invoice Options menu, and tap Formatting Options to adjust the invoice formatting, including what is visible on each line item and whether or not to show the Sub-Total:

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